How can I help Shetland Animal Rescue? 

Shetland Animal Rescue is a Registered Charity and is funded 100% by donations and kind gifts. Donating £10 would feed one horse for a week, so multiply this by over 80 horses at any one time plus pigs, goats, cats, dogs and chickens you can imagine just how much money we need to keep the animals fed and watered then we also need to pay the rent and the veterinary fees! 

Please consider donating a few pounds or more if you can to help us continue this valuable work! This generosity helps us to give food, bedding, veterinary care and TLC to the animals that find themselves living here with us at our little rescue in Hale Village. It is also vital in helping us to maintain and improve our little rescue to ensure that the elderly, sick and vulnerable animals have shelter from the elements.  Please donate on he link below you do not have to sign up for PayPal and can donate by credit or debit card and 100% of your donation is used to care for our animals. 

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